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The who, what, when, where & how of LearnUp

Who can LearnUp teach to read?
LearnUp can help anyone to read

  • Any age. Our students range in age from kindergartners to adults.
  • Any skill level. From non-readers to breakthrough readers—with or without a diagnosis of dyslexia.

Our students come from schools across the nation—public, private, and parochial.

We also partner with schools, districts, and after-school programs to train their teachers to help more students learn to read.

Boy studying

Where are you tutoring? Now tutoring 1:1 on-line.

  • Each tutoring lesson is 50 minutes.
  • Students attend sessions 5 days a week.

When do you tutor? Mostly after-school…but there are always exceptions

  • We operate year-round and have ongoing enrollment.
  • We have have expanded our hours to work with students from all parts of the country. Check with our staff about scheduling your child.

How long will it take to teach my child to read? It’s what every parent wants to know

  • During our free reading assessment, we will determine your child’s entry point—which we call reading starts. Once we know the start, we can estimate how long it will take us to teach your child to read.
  • We don’t believe every student should start at the same level if their skills vary. This makes the program far more efficient.
  • Once we understand where they are on the reading spectrum, we can approximate the number of sessions needed to meet reading goals and create measurable milestones to achieve them.
  • As your child moves through the program, we will meet with you to discuss your child’s reading progress and explore any setbacks or challenges they may face.

LearnUp provides FREE reading assessments.

It’s the fastest way to find out if your child needs help.

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