Details & Logistics

The Who, What, When, Where & How of LearnUp

WHO: LearnUp can help anyone to read.

  • Any age. Our students range in age from kindergartners to adults.
  • Any skill level. From non-readers to breakthrough readers—with or without a diagnosis of dyslexia.

Our students come from schools across the Bay Area—public, private, and parochial.

We also partner with schools, districts, and after-school programs to train their teachers to help more students learn to read.

WHAT: One-on-one tutoring

  • Each tutoring lesson is 55 minutes.
  • Students attend sessions 5 days a week.

WHEN: Mostly after-school…but there are always exceptions

  • We operate year-round and have ongoing enrollment.
  • During the school year, we tutor from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
  • During summer we tutor from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

WHERE: Upstairs at La Boulangerie bakery in San Francisco

  • LearnUp has a unique co-location model where companies and universities house our nonprofit, eliminating our largest expense—rent—and reducing the stigma of learning centers.
  • La Boulangerie is located at 2325 Pine Pine Street between Fillmore and Steiner.

HOW (LONG): It’s what every parent wants to know

Few reading clinics will tell you how long it will take to get your child reading. We do.

  • During our free reading assessment, we will determine your child’s entry point—which we call reading start.
  • We don’t believe every student should start at the same level if their skills vary. This makes the program far more efficient.
  • Once we understand where they are on the reading spectrum, we can approximate the number of sessions needed to meet reading goals and create measurable milestones to achieve them.
  • As your child moves through the program, we will meet with you to discuss your child’s reading progress and explore any setbacks or challenges they may face.