The LearnUp Difference

Just published! Read Untethered, the story of JT Mestdagh, a young man born with a death sentence and severe dyslexia and who is now an entrepreneur and adventurer on a mission to empower people to UNTETHER from limiting beliefs and to soar to their highest dreams. As a child, JT’s parents relentlessly hunted for the right reading program to help Mestdagh learn to read. Nothing worked until in fifth grade when an encounter with Steve Tattum, LearnUp’s Reading Director, and his unique reading program changed Mestdagh’s life forever. Read Untethered.
LearnUp Centers teaches struggling readers, with or without a diagnosis of dyslexia, to read at grade level and beyond. In about 1/2 the time of most other programs. Here is what makes us unique:

Structured literacy.

We use structured phonics with proprietary chapter books to systematically teach kids to read.

Blended curriculum.

We combine the best methodologies from nationally-recognized reading programs with the latest brain research.

Hands-on and experiential.

It’s tactile, it’s fun, and  ½ of every session is spent actually reading books.

One-on-one tutoring.

Focused sessions with highly-trained, energetic tutors give your kids the skills and confidence to read.
The average LearnUp student learns to read in 3 months.  
“LearnUp centers is amazing… my son ended the program seven weeks later at a 4th-grade level where he should be but more importantly with a love of reading.” – Mary Flynn, LearnUp parent

LearnUp is evidenced based.

While testimonials are incredibly powerful, we use multiple assessment methods to measure the true impact of the program.

Watch Lyuba transform his reading.

As a 3rd grader, Lyuba was struggling to read at the first grade level. In less than 4 months of tutoring at LearnUp, Lyuba went from a  low-level reader to reading above the 3rd-grade level.

About LearnUp

LearnUp is a nonprofit literacy center based in San Francisco on a mission to teach all levels and types of learners to read.

One-for-one scholarships

We believe that everyone deserves the gift of reading, regardless of income. So, as a nonprofit, we raise funds to provide scholarships to readers in need.

Proven curriculum

Created by Steve Tattum, LearnUp’s reading director, our curriculum has a 20+-year track record of success in teaching kids with learning differences to read.

Highly-trained tutors

Learning to read is hard work. So we invest in rigorous training to make make sure our tutors have the pedagogy and personality to teach and motivate your kids to read.
  summer reading program

Reading changes lives.

Help LearnUp provide scholarships to deserving students and make a gift that lasts a lifetime.

“I like it because it makes me happy. I can read bigger words. And can read by myself.”  — Junior, 7-year old LearnUp student