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Learn to read this summer!

Does your child hate to read?

LearnUp Centers teaches struggling readers to read.

LearnUp Centers teaches struggling readers to read at grade level and beyond. Our program is more effective and efficient than most other major reading programs.

And it’s fast. The average LearnUp student learns to read in 3 months

LearnUp has GREAT outcomes.

In just 3 months, the average LearnUp student gains a year in key indicators of reading outcomes, increases her reading fluency by 44 words per minute,  and jumps 2-grade levels in reading.

Learn more about LearnUp outcomes. 

Learning to read is personal. 

Kevin’s LearnUp Story

As a 5th grader, Kevin was reading at low Kindergarten grade level when he enrolled in LearnUp. At school, Kevin was struggling to keep up with his classes and was unable to read even the most basic text. In less than 3 months of tutoring at LearnUp, Kevin went from a Non Reader to Emerging Reader. Watch Kevin’s reading progress in the short video below.

Nate’s LearnUp Story

Nate's story. Nate learns how to read.

Nate learns how to read.

Nate was a life-long non-reader prior to enrolling in LearnUp. Nate increased his reading by 3-grade levels — all in less than 30 hours. 

“For the first time in my life, I am reading the paper every day.” — Nate (21 years old and high school graduate), LearnUp student


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Here’s why LearnUp is more effective than other reading programs.

  1. We lead with books. Unlike most programs, we teach reading by reading.  Our proprietary age- and skill-level appropriate books that were written to correspond to the reading level of the program and to keep readers of all ages interested and engaged.  Our phonemically aligned books are a game changer — and our proprietary books are an X-factor in learning to read that no other program can match.

    Nate learning to read.

    Nate learning to read.

  2. It’s an integrated reading program. We incorporate the best methodologies from the foremost reading programs in the world (yes,  Orton-Gillingham forms the backbone, but we also draw from Lindamood-Bell, Slingerland, Alphabetic Phonics, and Whole Language), blending them together with the latest brain research on how the dyslexic brain functions.
  3. We don’t start over. We offer multiple entry points to accommodate a student’s knowledge and background. We work with them from what they already know and understand. This approach quickly puts them into the right level and on a pathway to reading success.

Our program teaches emerging readers to read — not just make reading gains.

We Offer Free Reading Assessments.

Like our reading program, LearnUp reading assessments are fast—just 20 minutes. And they’re FREE! Our proprietary assessment process quickly puts the student at the correct entry point and on the path to reading success.

All our reading assessments are conducted with Steve Tattum, director and founder of our reading program. Take advantage of the opportunity to meet with one of the national leaders in teaching reading.

Contact us to request a FREE reading assessment.

What parents and students are saying…

“LearnUp centers is amazing. My 10-year-old 4th grader started the program at a 2nd-grade reading level. To our amazement, he ended seven weeks later at a 4th-grade level where he should be but more importantly with a love of reading. For the first time ever we have seen him pick up a book and read without being asked to do it. We immediately saw a change in his home and schoolwork. LearnUp gave my son back his confidence and I highly recommend it for any struggling reader.”  — Mary Flynn, Parent

“AMAZING reading program!!! So grateful for the LearnUp Centers team. My son never enjoyed reading and was really behind at school (3rd grade). He not only really enjoyed going every day (5x/week) to meet with his tutor but his reading skills got so much better in such a short time it was impressive!”  —  Tatiana O’Donoghue, LearnUp parent

 “LearnUp is a miracle! Not only has our child learned to read when all other efforts were just that, EFFORT. Our child now ENJOYS reading… can’t put the book down on the way to school… asks to read to us and looks forward to going to tutoring even after a full day of school! Truly, nothing short of a miracle….  — Dawn Gross, MD, PhD, LearnUp Parent

image of Learning to Read.

Learning to Read.

“I like it because it makes me happy. I can read bigger words. And can read by myself.”  — LearnUp Student

Read more testimonials from parents, students and learning specialists

Learn to Read by Reading…

At LearnUp, every lesson is a  micro-cycle of the reading progression…

In every lesson a student goes through a micro-cycle of the reading progression, incorporating the underlying components of reading (phonemic awareness, phonics review, spelling, fluency, comprehension, and written response and reading), thus ensuring that the students see and practice fundamental concepts repeatedly and on a daily basis.

The lessons are fast-paced and make sure that the student experiences, understands, and internalizes the concepts over multiple sessions.

Reading Comprehension and Fluency

image of Reading and comprehension.

Reading and comprehension.

LearnUp now offers a separate comprehension and fluency program for students who can read but are struggling with retaining and expressing their knowledge.

Often, these students sound fluent but have underlying issues with their phonics or have not mastered all of the reading concepts. In this program, students learn how to break down text, control for understanding, and show their comprehension to their parents and teachers.

What makes LearnUp’s program different?

Our program teaches emerging readers to read — not just make reading gains.

Many programs can teach kids to read. LearnUp is more effective and efficient—using one-on-one tutoring to teach struggling readers to read in about half the time as most other major reading programs. LearnUp integrates the best practices of the leading reading programs on the market (Orton-Gillingham, Linda Mood-Bell, Slingerland, Alphabetic Phonics, Reading Recovery, Whole Language, etc.) and combines them with the latest brain research and National Reading Panel recommendations to create a superior, systematic program that accelerates reading acquisition.

Our phonemically aligned books are a game changer. From day one, our students are reading from a story that is written at the right reading level. Our proprietary books are the X factor in learning to read that no other program can match.

For the 20% of our population living with some form of dyslexia, who will struggle to learn how to read without an effective structured phonics reading program (simple phonics and a reading rich culture are not enough!), LearnUp provides a fast and effective program.

The methods are rooted in Orton-Gillingham, Linda-Mood Bell, Slingerland, and other major reading programs

  • We are a Structured-Literacy program
  • We use original and exciting, phonemically aligned, reading books
  • LearnUp is constantly incorporating the latest in neuro research of the reading brain to improve the delivery and content of the program
  • LearnUp pedagogy is youth development and ADD/ADHD friendly
  • Our curriculum is NOT boring!

Who can benefit?

Anyone, at any age, who is learning and/or struggling to read—with or without a diagnosis of dyslexia.

We also work with people who have reading issues due to brain injury or a stroke.

Should your child have a FREE reading assessment?

Here is a partial list of who should have a reading assessment:

  • Any struggling reader.
  • Students who are smart, but low-performing.
  • Kids who hate to read.
  • Students who perform poorly on reading tests, but show aptitude and smarts.
  • Children who would prefer to distract, disturb or cut-out, rather than read.
  • Kids who are having comprehension issues.
  • Kids who can’t spell worth a bean.
  • Young adults who have been told they will never learn to read.
  • Adults who read below career readiness level.
  • Patients with Alexia caused by brain injury or stroke.

Ready for a FREE reading assessment?

To sign up for a free reading assessment, email LearnUp Executive Director, Steve Hagler:  stevehagler@learnupcenters.org or call (415) 944-READ (7323).

LearnUp Centers is San Francisco Based Nonprofit

LearnUp is now located in San Francisco at La Boulangerie at 2325 Pine St. (at Fillmore). Want to see what we are doing? Come by and see our clinic in action!

picture of LearnUp Centers reading clinic.

LearnUp Centers reading clinic.

LearnUp Centers reading clinic street sign.

LearnUp Centers reading clinic.