Testimonials (Draft)

LearnUp Stories

Nate’s LearnUp Story.

A 21-year-old high school graduate transforms from non-reader to reader in less than 30 hours.

“For years, we tried everything to help Nate learn how to read. After he graduated from high school, we felt we had run out of options. The reading assessment with LearnUp gave us insight into Nate’s reading issues in a way no other program had — and their solution made sense, too. So, we decided to give it a go. It was the best decision ever.” Kelly, Nates mom, tells the story… Read more:

Nate learns to read.

Nate’s LearnUp Story.


Susan’s LearnUp Story

A 66-year old with a traumatic brain injury relearns how to read. “When we first looked into support programs, there were no resources to help my wife relearn how to read. LearnUp has been a godsend.”  Carl, Susan’s husband tells the story… Read more:
Susan relearns to read.

Susan’s LearnUp Story.

Naomi’s LearnUp Story

A 5th grader goes from K-level to grade-level reader in 5 months of tutoring.

“LearnUp has been nothing but the best thing that happened to mine and my daughter Naomi’s life.” Anna, Naomi’s mom tells the story… Read more:

Naomi learns to read.

Naomi’s LearnUp Story