Scholarship Criteria

Learnup Centers uses a One-for-One giving model to transform lives through learning to read.

LearnUp Centers’ one-for-one model: for every paying student, LearnUp provides a scholarship for a deserving child. Unlike other one-for-one giving programs, we are not simply giving away a product. Instead, we are teaching reading skills that last a lifetime.  We also have generous investors who believe that teaching a child to read can transform her life.  Because of their generosity, LearnUp Centers can offer scholarships to low-income struggling readers and their families. The scholarships are available on a sliding scale. If your family needs financial support so that your child can enroll in a LearnUp Centers program, please read through the criteria below. Contact staff to discuss your situation or to learn more about the program.

LearnUp Centers Scholarship Criteria

Here are the criteria LearnUp Centers takes under consideration:

The applying student/family:

    • has a financial need for scholarship support.
    • needs reading or reading comprehension support.
    • is able to attend tutoring in person every day (Monday – Friday) at the designated time.

      — Parents agree to make sure the student is present every day, on time. (LearnUp reserves the right to charge a fee to cover the costs for missed classes).
      • is able to attend tutoring sessions on-site at LearnUp Centers (Pine & Fillmore in San Francisco–soon in Marin).

    • is able to give 100% effort on a daily basis. Students with ongoing motivation or effort issues may not be eligible for ongoing scholarship support

      • is willing to give permission LearnUp Centers to use their child’s images, videos, and story for research, outreach, and marketing purposes.
      • agrees to become a champion of LearnUp and to aid LearnUp in soliciting and securing donations to support LearnUp scholarships.
    • Willing to provide a downpayment to be used to pay for any missed sessions

Scholarship Applicant Questions

LearnUp scholarships are on a sliding scale and are based on family need and the availability of scholarship funds. Families demonstrate by answering the following questions: Annual income
    1. What is the family annual income? Please break out by income earner.
    2. How many income earners live in the household? What are their professions?
    3. How many people (adults and children) live in the household.
    4. Provide documentation, including tax returns (summary page).
    5. Are there any outstanding issues LearnUp should be aware of?.
Vacation Locations
  1. Where does the family go on vacation?
  1. What year and make of vehicles are in the household?
School enrollment and other programs
  1. What non-public school and programs is the child enrolled in?
  2. Does the family receive financial aid to attend these institutions/programs? If so, how much?
Family Contribution Sliding scale cost per session.  LearnUp offers a sliding scale of  $1 to $110 per session. (Note that the retail cost of a single LearnUp session is $135 per 55′ session, 5x days per week is $110 per session).
  1. What does the family feel it can reasonably pay per session of tutoring?
  2. Is the family willing to offer a modest deposit to cover costs of tutoring if the student misses a session without appropriate advanced notice as described in the LearnUp Centers agreement?
  3. Is the family willing and able to help fundraise for their child and pay it forward for other deserving children?

LearnUp’s Agreement with Scholarship Students

  • All LearnUp Scholars will be fully enrolled students and have at their disposal all of the amenities that LearnUp Centers has to offer.

  • LeanUp Centers will provide a tutor, reading program, and all materials.

  • LearnUp will outline the length and duration (number of sessions) of the program and set appropriate learning goals for the student.
  • LearnUp will be able to use the student’s story, audio, video, and images of the student in its outreach and marketing materials.

  • LearnUp scholarships are bound by the amount of funding it has for scholarships. The family is limited to the number of sessions in the agreement, which may not equal the full amount recommended by LearnUp. If the scholarship student needs more tutoring than the scholarship allows, LearnUp will work with the family to find additional tutoring funds.
  • When possible, if LearnUp has open tutoring sessions, LearnUp will extend scholarships until another student needs the time slots.
Please talk to Steve Hagler if you have questions, concerns, or would like clarification on financial aid.