Pricing. Everyone’s least favorite part.

We know tutoring is incredibly expensive for many families. But not reading is a far greater price to pay. So, we do our best to be fair. And to work fast. In fact, the most important cost savings is that our program simply takes less time to teach your child to read.

LearnUp Centers is more cost-effective than other reading programs. 

All students and their families benefit from the in-kind generosity of La Boulangerie bakery, our corporate partner, who (in addition to an awesome almond croissant!) hosts the LearnUp Centers clinic on Pine St. and provides other in-kind resources. LearnUp passes these savings on to you through tuition reductions.

A recent marketing study showed that our tutoring sessions were about 25% below the cost of similar reading clinics in the Bay Area.

Five-days a week sessions are $100 per session.

Price includes all tutoring and assessments. There is also a small fee for books and materials.