Program Pricing

How long will it take for my child to learn to read? How much will it cost?

LearnUp Centers was created to help your child learn to read in the most effective and cost-efficient way. Our program blends the best components of the leading reading programs on the market plus the latest brain research to teach children (and adults) to read 3 times faster than any other program—on average in less than 3 months—saving time and money. LearnUp’s goal is to have our students sitting in classrooms, not tutoring sessions. 

Our decades of experience and consistent results across thousands of diverse students allows us to provide you with an estimate of the time (and cost) to get your child reading. During the reading assessment, our staff, in consultation with you, will set out achievable reading goals for the student and create measurable milestones to monitor reading progress and success.

Like our reading program, LearnUp reading assessments are fast—just 20 minutes. And they’re free. Our proprietary assessment process quickly puts your child at the correct entry point and on the path to success.

The reading assessment shows us which entry-level (or Start as we call them, see explanation below) is the most appropriate one for your child. Generally speaking, the lower the Start the more time it takes to get a child on track to reading success. As you child moves through the program, our staff will meet with you to discuss your child’s reading progress and explore any setbacks or challenges he/she may face. We will work together to ensure your child achieves reading success.

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LearnUp Starts and Reading Concepts

LearnUp is organized by entry levels into our program, or “Starts” as we call them. LearnUp Starts correspond to how well the student is reading and what skills they have mastered, thus LearnUp wants to understand where on the reading progression is the student is breaking down (can they break down one syllable works? Two? Mulit?, etc.). Once we understand where they are on the reading progression, we can determine where to start her/him in the program and how long it will take him/her learn to read.


A note about costs…

LearnUp Centers recognizes that for many families tutoring is expensive.  LearnUp Centers is more cost-effective than other reading programs. In part because of our nonprofit pricing (combined with our corporate and university partnerships), but mostly because our program simply takes less time to teach our students to read. At learnUp, your child can learn to read in less time — saving you time and money.

Our  program includes:

  • Entry reading assessment (to understand where the student is in the reading progression, to determine the Start and to map out the program pathway, to gather baseline data to determine growth)
  • Tutoring (55′ sessions) in reading, writing, spelling, comprehension, and fluency
  • Materials and chapter books series, etc.
  • Ongoing assessment, exit assessment

The sessions estimates below are ballpark based on the entry level.


Program Starts & Area of Focus

Estimated  Number of Sessions



Non Reader. Focus on consonants and vowels.

80 Sessions



Early Reader. Focus on one syllable words and all 5 vowels. 

60 Sessions



Emerging Reader. Focus on two syllable words and spelling. 

45 Sessions



Developing Reader. Focus on multi-syllable words and increasing fluency.

30 Sessions



Breakthrough Reader.  Student can read at or close to grade level but needs work on integrating vocabulary, spelling, writing, comprehension, and fluency

20 Sessions


FREE Reading Assessments

Like our reading program, LearnUp reading assessments are fast—just 20 minutes. And they’re free. Our proprietary assessment process quickly puts the student at the correct entry point and on the path to success.

To learn what Start your child is, sign up for a FREE reading assessment. Schedule an appointment! 

One for One

LearnUp uses a one-for-one model where, for every paying student, LearnUp provides a scholarship for a deserving child. Unlike other one-for-one giving programs, we are not simply giving away a product. Instead, we are teaching reading skills that last a lifetime.

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