Entry Reading Levels

LearnUp wants your child to learn how to read and we are confident that our approach will get her/him reading at grade level in a short period of time.

While no one can predict exactly how many hours of tutoring your child will need to learn how to read, we are committed to giving you an estimated timeline and cost based on the corresponding entry reading entry-level (or, Starts as we call them).

The reading assessment tells us which entry-level Start is the best one for your child. Generally speaking, the lower the Start the more time it takes to get a child on track. As you child moves through the program, our staff will meet with the family to discuss the child’s reading progress and to get a clearer understanding of the pathway to reading success. Contact us to arrange a free reading assessment. 

Starts are set by reading level, NOT by age.

Our  program pricing includes:

  • Reading assessment
  • Tutoring (55′ sessions) in reading, spelling,  writing and comprehension

We also charge a small fee for the costs of our chapter books/reading series, tutoring materials, and spelling book.

Our reading assessment determines your child’s entry-level, or ‘Start’. The Start  determines how many sessions of tutoring your child will need to learn how to read.  Our goal is to get your child reading at grade level.  Ongoing assessment is critical, and we will continue to monitor and discuss your child’s progress as they learn to read.

A note about costs…

LearnUp Centers recognizes that for many families tutoring is expensive. Typically, LearnUp Centers is more cost effective than other reading programs. Not only are our sessions competitively priced, but because our reading program is very efficient and effective, meaning your child can achieve greater reading gains in less time — saving you time and money.

Our goal is to have your child enrolled in LearnUp for a limited time. We want to teach your child to read so she can get back to her normal school and after-school routine.

One for One

LearnUp uses a one-for-one model where, for every paying student, LearnUp provides a scholarship for a deserving child. Unlike other one-for-one giving programs, we are not simply giving away a product. Instead, we are teaching reading skills that last a lifetime.

To invest in the next generation of readers go to our Support page.

To learn more about how you can enroll in this program, contact us.

Program Cost



Estimated  Number of Sessions



Can’t read. Doesn’t know how to pronounce sounds correctly.

80 Sessions



Knows consonants and vowels. Can read some one-syllable words.

60 Sessions



Knows consonants, vowels, and some suffixes. Beginning to read two-syllable words.

45 Sessions



Knows basic sounds and many vowel teams. Can read elementary materials with errors.

30 Sessions



Can read but has problems with comprehension and fluency.

15 Sessions


Like our reading program, LearnUp reading assessments are fast—just 20 minutes. And they’re free. Our proprietary assessment process quickly puts the student at the correct entry point and on the path to success.
To learn what Start your child is, sign up for a FREE reading assessment. Contact us to set up an appointment!