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LearnUp Offers Virtual Reading Assessments

And they are Free!

LearnUp’s remote reading assessment can be done by you at home with your child!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for a reading assessment using the form below. In the message field, please leave us a quick summary of what you are noticing in your child’s reading that has led you to request a reading assessment.
  2. LearnUp will email you instructions for conducting and recording the assessments. You will guide your child through a series of short readings that will measure your child’s reading ability. Most assessments take less than 15 minutes to do.
  3. Upload the recordings to a secure online storage drive (Google Drive, iCloud, Box, etc.), send us a link to the files so we can watch and listen to your child read.
  4. LearnUp will review the recordings and send you a summary of our observations of your child’s reading.
  5. If you child does need reading support, LearnUp will outline a customized reading program including individualized reading goals for your child. If not, we will be the first to tell you if your student doesn’t need tutoring in reading. Once you have the assessment, you can use this information to enroll in our programs or to help you find an appropriate solution for your child.

To get started, fill out the form below!

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LearnUp provides FREE reading assessments.

It’s the fastest way to find out if your child needs help.

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