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Conversations on reading and literacy

LearnUp Talks is a new series on reading and literacy hosted by LearnUp Centers. Each month we engage a hot-button issue in the field of reading and education. And it’s totally free.

Why is my child struggling to read?

In this 40 minute free recording of a Facebook live stream, Steve Tattum, creator of Tattum Reading and the Reading Director for LearnUp was in conversation with Steve Hagler, LearnUp’s Executive Director. Steve T. explains why children have difficulty learning to read and what parents and educators can do about it. They also discuss why so many of American students struggle to learn how to read with the most common approaches used in the today’s elementary school classroom and how to identify an effective reading program. LearnUp’s reading program is grounded in the Orton-Gillingham approach to teaching reading, Steve T. explains how our approach differs from other reading programs using similar pedagogies. (40:00)

Literacy Justice

This video features three educators discussing the challenges around Literacy as a Social Justice issue. Steve Hagler, Executive Director of LearnUp Centers, is joined by Dr. Mechele Newell and Dr. Jamal Cooks.  (01:06)

What Role Should After-school Programs Play in Teaching Kids to Read?

Join LearnUp’s Executive Director, Steve Hagler, and his guests Dr. Carol Hill of the San Francisco Beacon Initiative, and Brian Sauer & Devin Hunter of the Boys and Girls Clubs of San Francisco in a conversation on the role of after-school programs as a primary provider of reading skills for all children.Too frequently, schools don’t have the bandwidth or time to provide specialized reading programs to all the students that need them. How can after-school programs take up the slack and deliver essential reading skills to struggling readers? The panelist will also discuss learnings from a year-long pilot program with the BGCSF and LearnUp to deliver tutoring directly into the BGCSF clubhouses. (01:00)

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