Sponsor a struggling reader. Change a life.

LearnUp Centers is a nonprofit program.

LearnUp Centers one-for-one model: for every paying student, LearnUp provides a scholarship for a deserving child. Unlike other one-for-one giving programs, we are not simply giving away a product. Instead, we are teaching reading skills that last a lifetime. 

Thanks to generous investors like you, there is no limit to the number of low-income struggling readers we can teach to read.

Help make the world a bit brighter by giving the gift of reading to a struggling reader with a donation to LearnUp.

Give the gift of reading.

Give the gift of reading.

Checks can be  sent to:

LearnUp Centers

2325 Pine St. San Francisco, CA 94115

Our EIN is 47-2262474.

Contact: Steve Hagler Phone: (415) 944-READ (7323)