LearnUp is a nonprofit literacy center based in San Francisco on a mission to teach all levels and types of learners to read.

  • 1 in 5 people (regardless of race, ethnicity or language) live with dyslexia.
  • Over 50% of all American 4th graaders struggle to read at proficiently.
  • Students who cannot read proficiently by the end of the 4th grade are more likely to dropout of school, end up in jail or on welfare.

That’s why we started LearnUp. Here’s what else you might like to know.

We have a unique co-location model.

We house our centers at prestigious universities and corporate campuses to reduce both the stigma and shame of struggling readers as well as the cost to participants.

We offer one-for-one scholarships.

We believe that everyone deserves the gift of reading, regardless of income. So, as a nonprofit, we raise funds to provide scholarships to readers in need.

We use a proven curriculum.

Created by Steve Tattum, LearnUp’s reading director, our curriculum has a 20+-year track record of success in teaching kids with learning differences to read.

We invest in our tutors.

Our tutors possess three main strengths: a linguistic gift; an ability to learn, mirror, and teach a reading lesson; and possession of key characteristics of an effective educator and mentor. We provide rigorous training to make make sure they have the pedagogy and personality to teach and motivate your kids to read.


LearnUp Centers is a nonprofit program of the public charity. Our EIN is 47-2262474.


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