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LearnUp is simply the fastest and most efficient way to learn to read. But having a great reading program is not enough. You also need to develop a great student/tutor bond. LearnUp tutors are the best–well trained, professional, on-task, and very personable. Our students love their tutors.

Our co-location model reduces both the stigma and shame (as well as the cost) of struggling readers and our tutors make them feel welcomed and empowered.  Come by and meet our tutors and check out our program.

LearnUp Centers is a nonprofit program of the public charity Good Food For Good. Our EIN is 47-2262474.

Why LearnUp Tutors are the best.

Screening for strengths

We hire and train undergrads at the University of San Francisco to teach our reading program. All our tutors have been screened and hired personally by our reading director, Steve Tattum.

Linguistic strengths

We look for three main strengths in our tutors: a linguistic gift, an ability to learn, mirror, and teach a reading lesson, and possession of key characteristics of an effective educator and mentor.  And we want them to be good with kids.

Superior training

All our tutors have been through a sixty-hour training program that teaches the theory teaching reading and the practical skills of teaching our program. During the first week of training, our tutors learn reading theory and how our program aligns to reading development and the neuroscience of dyslexia and other reading issues. They also learn the practical nuts and bolts of delivering our curriculum to struggling readers. In the second week, our tutors in training put it all together through hands-on practicums.

Ongoing Professional Development

We continue to offer professional development and regular mentoring.  Steve Tattum observes sessions and mentors our tutors and provides personal guidance on how to be a better teacher. We want our tutors to continuously grow and learn about reading issues and those who struggle to learn how to read.

Our tutors.

Zoe Velez, Psychology, Class of 2019

I really love going to the park, specifically Golden Gate, and laying in the grass with a good book. I have been with LearnUp for almost a year and I would say my favorite thing about teaching is speaking with the student about how their day was or what they did over the weekend. I have had parents tell me that their non-readers eventually become excited to read and pick up books on their own. For me, there is no greater accomplishment than hearing that my students want to read.

“Hi Alex, how’s it going?”  “Great! I am learning to read!” — LearnUp Student

Colleen Mercado, Biology and Chemistry, Class of 2019

When I am not studying, working, or volunteering, I use my precious free time to explore different nature spots and also experience all the amazing restaurants that San Francisco has to offer. I love teaching reading because I truly believe that literacy is crucial for a strong educational foundation. Reading broadens the world as we know it, stimulating the imagination while still leaving room for creativity. As I see my students progress, I also see an increase in their confidence–something that is incomparable. By teaching reading, I know that I am making a difference in the lives of others and that type of satisfaction is something I strive for.

“I’ve seen a huge difference in Henry’s reading and word attack.” — Nora Hudson, LearnUp Parent 

“She loves working with you!” — LearnUp Parent 

Sophie Luu, Masters of Education Graduate Student
During my free time, I love to travel, hike, cook, go on food adventures in the Bay Area, and going to the beach. My goals are to become an elementary school teacher and later on a reading specialist. I believe that a love for reading is the greatest gift an educator can give a student. Once the student learns to read, they become an independent learner, which opens their world to limitless possibilities. I enjoy working 1-on-1 with students, using games and love seeing my students get excited to apply their reading skills during our sessions. It allows me to build a deeper connection with my student, which lets me see another side to them.
“I can read this all by myself.” — LearnUp Student
Elizabeth Verduzco, Psychology, Class of 2018

I love staying active and working on small art projects. I also work as a lifeguard at the Koret Rec. and Health center. As a psychology major, I want to specialize in pediatric development, and even go into medicine in the future.I love teaching because each student is different and has a unique experience in learning how to read. Tutoring allows me to see growth and change in ways that would otherwise go unnoticed. I feel that building relationships with my students is the key to finding a way to move forward together.

“I can’t believe I read this many books!” — LearnUp Student

Mary Tacoroni, Psychology, Class of 2019

In my downtime, I enjoy cooking, studying foreign languages, and reading. I love teaching children to read because with every session I can see their excitement and confidence rise. I see them develop a love for reading and, more importantly, learning,  that was formerly unknown to them.

“I read the whole book last night.” — LearnUp Student

about us. LearnUp on Pine St. in SF

Our reading clinic on Pine St. San Francisco

LearnUp Centers Partners.

Steve Tattum, Director of Reading,  founder of the Tattum Reading Program, to replicate his methodology and scale his success with more students and schools in the Bay Area.

The University of San Francisco School of Management to incubate the program on the USF campus and conduct research on the program’s effectiveness.

La Boulangerie is providing space in their corporate offices to run our reading clinic. We are now located at 2325 Pine St. (at Fillmore) in San Francisco above La Boulangerie Bakery.

Pascal and Virginie Rigo, lead founders and funders of LearnUp Centers. Their son struggled for years to learn how to read until he met Steve Tattum. The Rigos saw the change in their son, and wanted others, especially kids in low-income communities, to overcome their reading struggles.

In-kind/Pro Bono Services

As a nonprofit, we get significant support from our pro-bono partners. They treat us like paying clients and deliver top-notch products. Check them out.

The Imagineering Company, a strategic writing firm that provides everything from content strategy and creation to naming and positioning.

Learn more at www.imagineeringsf.com.

Alyssa Warnock Design Studio, specializing in brand identity, packaging and signage.


Learn more at www.alyssawarnock.com.

Navarra Design is a high end interior design firm located in San Francisco California.

Learn more at www.navarradesign.com.

Randle Design is dedicated to deliver solutions that sare relevant, exceptionally creative and successful.

Learn more at www.randledesign.com


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