Learn to Read in San Francisco

Learn to read in San Francisco with LearnUp!

On average, LearnUp students Increased their word fluency by more than 50%, gaining over 44 words per minute in fluency and jumping 2.0 grade levels in reading—all in under 60 hours of tutoring.

 “Jack just finished an assessment and they are wildly excited at how far he’s come with his reading – they realize the program is working and so do we.  Thanks again for everything!” —  LearnUp Parent

Get a FREE reading assessment in San Francisco.

LearnUp reading assessments are fast—just 20 minutes. And they’re free. Our proprietary assessment process quickly puts the student at the correct entry point and on the path to success. To sign up for a free reading assessment email: stevehagler@learnupcenters.org
For tutoring in Marin, click here.

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