Interview with Steve Tattum

An interview about reading with Steve Tattum. 

  • What causes dyslexia? How do dyslexics process language differently than non-dyslexics?
  • How do dyslexic brains read differently than neuro-typical brains? 
  • What are the main components of an effective reading program?
  • How do we teach dyslexics how to read? 
  • Why Steve Tattum wrote 8 series of chapter books that align phonemically to the reading progrm. 

Steve Tattum, founder of the Tattum Reading Program and reading director at LearnUp Centers, talks with Dennis Wholey of  This is America & the World  a weekly, international affairs television series, which is produced in Washington, New York City, and in countries around the world. The series is broadcast nationally on public television and PBS stations.

Steve explains how dyslexia functions in the brain and how our reading program addresses the four key components of resolving the reading struggles of kids who can’t read. This is an excellent overview of the issues facing struggling readers living with dyslexia and other reading issues and how our systematic, explicit instructional reading program helps resolve those issues faster and more efficiently than other well-known programs.

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